20 Innovative HealthTech Startups in Nigeria That You Need To Know About!

Healthtech startups in Nigeria have been rapidly evolving, leveraging technology to revolutionize healthcare delivery in the country. 

These startups are providing innovative solutions that address various challenges in the healthcare sector, such as access to quality healthcare, remote healthcare delivery, patient engagement, and efficient health management systems. 

In this article, we will explore 20 stand-out healthtech startups in Nigeria that are making a significant impact in the industry.

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How Many HealthTech Startups in Nigeria?

Nigeria has witnessed a surge in the number of health tech startups in recent years. While the exact number may vary as new startups emerge and others evolve, it is estimated that there are over 150 health tech startups in Nigeria. 

These healthtech startups in Nigeria are spread across various sub-sectors, including telemedicine, digital health records, health information systems, e-commerce platforms for pharmaceuticals, and health-focused mobile applications.

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Digital Health Companies with the Most Funding

Several digital health companies in Nigeria have secured significant funding to support their growth and expansion. Here are a few notable examples when you think about healthtech startups in Nigeria.

  • Helium Health: Helium Health is one of the leading healthtech startups in Nigeria that offers comprehensive electronic medical records (EMR) and hospital management systems. They have raised over $10 million in funding from various investors, including Y Combinator and Tencent.
  • LifeBank: LifeBank is an on-demand medical supply platform that connects hospitals and clinics with blood banks and medical suppliers. They have raised over $9 million in funding, with investments from international organizations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and TLcom Capital.
  • 54gene: 54gene is a genomic research company that aims to improve healthcare outcomes for Africans. They have raised $15 million in funding, with investments from Adjuvant Capital, Novartis, and other prominent venture capital firms.
  • RelianceHMO: RelianceHMO is a health insurance startup that provides affordable and accessible healthcare coverage. They have raised over $6 million in funding, with investments from investors such as Samurai Incubate Africa and Kepple Africa Ventures.

These are just a few examples of the digital health companies in Nigeria that have attracted significant funding. There are many other startups in the ecosystem that have secured funding at various stages of their growth.

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Health Tech Startups in Nigeria

Now, let\’s dive into the 20 stand-out healthtech startups in Nigeria that are making remarkable strides in the industry:

Helium health
  • Helium Health: As mentioned earlier, Helium Health offers a comprehensive electronic medical record (EMR) and hospital management system. Their platform helps healthcare providers improve patient care, streamline operations, and enhance efficiency.
  • Lifebank: LifeBank is revolutionizing the supply chain of blood, oxygen, and vaccines in Nigeria. They leverage technology to connect blood banks and hospitals, ensuring the timely delivery of critical medical supplies.
54gene Logo
  • 54gene: One of the noteworthy healthtech startups in Nigeria is 54gene. 54gene focuses on genomic research and aims to unlock the potential of the African genome for medical discoveries. They collect and analyze genetic data to drive precision medicine and improve healthcare outcomes. However, the company went under towards the end of the third quarter of 2023.
  • RelianceHMO: RelianceHMO offers affordable health insurance plans that provide access to a network of healthcare providers. Their platform also provides telemedicine services, allowing users to consult with doctors remotely.
  • Medsaf: Medsaf is an online pharmaceutical marketplace that connects hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies with verified suppliers of quality medications and medical supplies.
    • Stack Diagnostics: Stack Diagnostics provides affordable and accessible diagnostic services, including medical imaging, laboratory tests, and pathology services. They leverage technology to deliver accurate and timely diagnostic results.

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    wella health
    • WellaHealth: WellaHealth offers a digital platform that enables users to access affordable health insurance plans and affordable medications for common diseases such as malaria and hypertension.

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    • MDaaS Global: MDaaS Global builds and operates diagnostic centers in underserved communities, providing access to essential healthcare services. They leverage technology to deliver high-quality diagnostics at affordable prices.
    • Connect HealthCare: Connect HealthCare is a telemedicine platform that connects patients with doctors through video consultations. They provide on-demand healthcare services and facilitate remote diagnosis and treatment.
    • Healthlane: Healthlane is an online platform that allows users to book appointments with verified healthcare providers, access medical advice, and order medications for delivery.

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    • Resonance Health Services: Resonance Health Services provides telemedicine and remote healthcare services, enabling patients to consult with doctors remotely and access follow-up care from the comfort of their homes.
    • Talamus Health: Talamus Health offers a digital health platform that provides personalized health management plans and remote monitoring for chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.
    • Reliance Family Clinics: Reliance Family Clinics operates a chain of primary healthcare clinics that provide affordable and comprehensive healthcare services for individuals and families.
    • HelpMum: HelpMum is a maternal and child health startup that provides access to prenatal and postnatal care for pregnant women in underserved communities. They leverage mobile technology to deliver essential healthcare information and supplies.
    • Mobihealth: Mobihealth is a telemedicine platform that connects patients with doctors, providing virtual consultations, prescriptions, and medical advice.
    • Doctoora: Doctoora is a health tech startup that provides co-working spaces and shared facilities for healthcare professionals. They aim to improve access to healthcare services by providing affordable infrastructure for medical practices.

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    • Medsapp: Medsapp is a medication adherence platform that helps patients manage their medications and treatment plans effectively. They provide reminders, educational resources, and personalized medication schedules.
    • Mobicure: Mobicure develops mobile health solutions that enable users to access healthcare information, track their health, and connect with healthcare providers.
    • Ping Express: Ping Express is a digital remittance platform that allows users to send money to family and friends in Nigeria. They also offer a healthcare payment option, allowing users to pay for medical bills and health insurance premiums.
    • Vezeeta: Vezeeta is an online healthcare booking platform that allows users to find and book appointments with doctors, dentists, and other healthcare providers. They are also one of the healthtech startups in Nigeria that provide telemedicine services.

    The Biggest Health Tech Company in Nigeria

    Thinking of the healthtech startups in Nigeria, it is challenging to determine the single biggest one. Helium Health stands out as one of the industry leaders. With their comprehensive electronic medical records (EMR) and hospital management system, they have gained significant traction and secured substantial funding from notable investors. Helium Health’s innovative solutions have the potential to transform healthcare delivery in Nigeria and beyond.

    54gene also stands out because of its noble cause to get African genes into the global genomic database and has attracted substantial VC funding. They, however, scaled back a little recently from their commercial business to focus for now on research.

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    The health tech startup ecosystem in Nigeria is witnessing tremendous growth and innovation. These 20 stand-out health tech startups are leveraging technology to solve critical healthcare challenges, improve access to quality healthcare, and enhance patient outcomes.

    With continued support and investment, these startups have the potential to drive significant advancements in healthcare delivery and contribute to the overall improvement of the healthcare system in Nigeria.

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